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Best Beard Waxes of 2017

best beard waxA well-groomed beard is one of the key trends this season for both a modern and timeless look. It can make you look more manly, rugged or polished depending on your other styling choices. Whatever effect you’re going for, proper grooming is essential to making sure your beard always looks its best. That’s where beard wax comes in.

It is a secret weapon to keeping your beard polished, soft, formed, and under control. Wax provides your hairs with moisture, shine and definition and makes your styling routine quicker and easier. It is especially important for keeping thick or course beard textures manageable.

But with so many on the market, which one do you choose? If you are at a loss about where to buy beard wax, don’t fret. We have done the hard work for you to bring you the best beard wax reviews. Start taming that mane today!

Beard Wax Reviews

The best beard wax for taming your mane will provide moisture and definition without skin irritation. The ones we have surveyed have all these bases covered while possessing slightly different styling chops. Best of all, they are affordable and come in formulations in which a little goes a long way. Maintaining and styling your beard is now easier than ever!

Wild Willie’s Beard Butter

Wild Willie's Beard ButterThis is a premium beard butter for those with sensitive skin that contains a host of nourishing organic ingredients. A powerful blend of rich butters, vitamins and carrier and essential oils delivers in-depth moisture to your strands.

Wild Willie’s Beard Butter not only protects and strengthens your beard but also promotes faster hair growth, like some mustache waxes. Skin irritation such as itching, flaking and dandruff is also treated without the use of artificial chemicals, fragrances or colorants. Other benefits of this beard butter include UV protection, breakage repair, and added shine. Best of all, this wax gives you beard a slight hold for easy styling.


Leven Rose Beard Balm

BEST Leven Rose Beard Balm - 100% Natural Leave In Conditioner with Natural Oils for Moustache Grooming and Beard Growing for Men - Fragrance Free Best Beard Oil Balm Unscented - 2 Oz - Vegan FriendlyThis leave-in beard conditioner and thickener is a no-fuss, all-natural formula with a range of benefits. It softens and adds moisture to your beard to transform coarse, unmanageable hair into a strong and stylish mane, especially when combined with a one of these best beard comb. Skincare properties include fighting against itching, dry patches and dandruff.

Completely natural ingredients are used in this balm, including olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, candelilla wax and many more.However, it is fragrance-free for those who want maximum results with no artificial smell. This is a fantastic quality formula for stressed-out beards.


Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner

Beard Conditioner for Men smooth vikingBesides a good beard trimmer, the Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner is another exceptional formula for taming and softening those unruly hairs. It is especially designed for injecting moisture into dry or course beards for easier combing and styling. Even better, this nourishing balm moisturizes your skin to prevent and treat irritation and itchiness.

Quality natural ingredients include shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and pumpkin seed oil amongst others for added strength and shine. The tub is great value for money, requiring only a small amount applied to your beard for each use. This is another great quality buy that will leave you looking polished and styled in no time.


All American Gentlemen Beard Salve

All American Gentlemen Beard Salve - 100% Natural & Organic Beard Conditioner - Leave in Beard Balm for Men - Bold Scent 2 OzThis incredible beard and moustache wax is a perfect buy for those who want not only a moisturizer but also a styling aid. Like the others, it is made up of 100% natural and organic ingredients for minimal skin irritation.

It not only provides moisture to your beard but can also be used on your scalp and entire body. It contains soothing ingredients to prevent and relieve itchy and dry skin and soften coarse, frizzy hair. Most importantly, it thickens the strands of your beard for better definition and easier styling. Your beard and skin will be left looking and feeling soft, moisturized and polished.



When choosing the best beard wax that is right for you, it is important to also think about the well-being of your skin. The products we have chosen contain natural and non-irritating formulas that will add health and shine to your beard. Investing in the right products to complement your grooming routine is well worth it. Get styling today!


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