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Best Butterfly Safety Razors of 2017

butterfly safety razorMore people than ever are making the switch from costly cartridge razors to more traditional safety razors. Once you’ve mastered the technique of safety razors, you’ll never look back. They offer superior comfort, balance and closeness of shave with fewer blade changes and disposable parts.

Out of all the options on the market, butterfly safety razors offer convenience and elegance in design. Also known as a TTO safety razor, this elegant tool contains a one-piece body with no removal parts—the cutting head simply opens up by turning two hinged plates. The blade can then be replaced more easily and quickly than most other razor options, and can be highly effective with a quality safety razor blade.

The accessibility of this turning mechanism makes butterfly safety razors the preferred tool for many wet shavers.

The Best Butterfly Safety Razor

We have sorted through all the best butterfly safety razors to bring you our favorites ones for sale this year. Though each caters to different budgets weight preferences, feel, and design, they all offer unsurpassed quality in material and shaving experience.

Parker 99R – Long Handle Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 99R - Long Handle SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 Shark Super Chrome BladesThe Parker 99R is for those who appreciate traditional craftsmanship and design that values quality above all else. This butterfly safety razor’s heavyweight metal body is more substantial compared to most other razors on the market, coming in at an impressive 3.4 ounces, almost straight razor weight. This makes for solid grip and balance and an overall comfortable shaving experience.

The durability of the make is topped off with a chrome-plated brass frame—this is a shaving tool built to last. Improved maneuverability is ensured by the extra long, 4-inch handle textured for enhanced grip. The Parker 99R is set to deliver a superior close shave and optimal smooth and even results. The packaging comes with an additional five chrome blades for easy replacement. This is a great choice of shaving tool, especially for those with larger hands and those who prefer heavier razors.

Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 96R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 SHARK bladesThis is another quality shaving tool from Parker that embodies solid craftsmanship and ergonomics. At 3.0 ounces, it is lighter than the 99R while still offering solid construction in its brass frame and nickel-plated head. The handle is also shorter at 3.25 inches and comes with textured grip for comfortable handling.It also comes with five replacement blades, making it great value for money.

This is a good buy for those desiring superior build quality in their shaving tool—it is sure to last through the years. It also excels in performance through offering an extremely close shave with little irritation to sensitive or acne-prone skin. The Parker 96R is a suitable choice over the 99R for those with smaller hands or those who prefer a lighter tool.

WEISHI 9306CL Heavy Weight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

WEISHI 9306CL Long Handle Version Heavy Weight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor .The WEISHI 9306CL is another quality shaving tool that combines the benefits of the Parker razors for nearly half the price.

Although still in the heavy weight category of shavers, it is lighter at 2.36 ounces for a solid yet lighter feel. Its copper alloy body makes it both heavy-duty and long-lasting if you are looking for a cost-efficient investment.

The long handle provides superior comfort, grip and control. At 4.5 inches in total length, the WEISHI 9306CL is a great all-rounder that will suit the needs of the majority of users.


Merkur Standard Safety Razor with Bar 33C

Merkur Standard Safety Razor with Bar #33C + 5 Free DE Razor BladesComing in at the higher end of the price range, this German-made butterfly safety razor is one of the top buys in its category. The solid stainless steel body and chrome finish makes the Mekur #33C a solid investment that is sure to last a lifetime.

Its solid performance makes it recommended for those with thick and tough hair textures or heavy beards. It offers a superior close shave and fine comfort, balance and grip. The quality craftsmanship ensures a smooth glide that minimizes nicks, scratches and skin irritation.

This one is a firm pick in our list of top butterfly safety razors available on the market.


A butterfly safety razor is a compact and convenient choice when it comes to traditional shaving tools. They offer quick blade replacement, excellent handling, and smooth, even results. As a bonus, they look stunning on your bathroom shelf. Be sure to visit our more broad list of the best safety razors and reviews, it will provide you a great understanding of what makes a good safety razor.






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