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Best Clippers, Groomers and Trimmers of 2017

best hair clippers, groomers, and trimmerKeeping all of your hair groomed, trimmed, clipped and styled can be very difficult and time consuming if yo don’t have the right tools and products for the job. However, even finding the right products for you can be a difficult task, as inferior products tend to outnumber high quality products by a very large margin. There are many products on the market, however, that can dramatically help you improve your quality of grooming.

Because of the importance of finding the right products, we have decided to compile our many articles on grooming, trimming and clipping products into one easy to use resource which will allow you to find the best product for your needs.


For men, finding a good trimmer should be a high priority in your grooming list. Low quality trimmers can be ineffective and sometimes even painful to use. Whether you need a trimmer for facial or body hair, a good one will by powerful, easy to use and fast, giving you a good trim in a matter of minutes.

Facial Hair

When looking for a good trimmer for facial hair, it is important to consider the length of your hair as well as what areas you will be using it on most commonly. For example, if you have little facial hair, a stubble trimmer may be ideal for you. A good stubble trimmer will allow you to adjust it so that you can get the perfect length of stubble, or a very close shave depending upon what you prefer. All of the stubble trimmers we review are highly effective in that regard.

For those who just want to manage and smooth out their sideburns should pick up a sideburn trimmer. These trimmers are generally cheaper than other varieties, and the ones that aren’t are often multi-groom, allowing them to be used on everything from beards to mustaches as well.

If you have a beard, it is likely difficult to keep it in check with simple manual grooming tools. It is these areas where having a good beard trimmer can make your life much easier. Just adjust the trimmer to your desired length and get an even shave all around. A good beard trimmer can allow you to quickly and easily style your beard to your own preference.

Depending on your heredity, you may be cursed with excessive nose hair. Even if you don’t have excessive nose hair, it may still be visible and unruly. For this reason, finding a high quality nose hair trimmer that will last a lifetime can be a huge investment. The nose hair trimmer review we wrote has both manual and electric options which will help you find the ideal trimmer to fit your needs.

If you want to get all of the above options without having to buy each of these products, we suggest getting a high quality multi-groom product. These will have attachments for each use and can make your life a lot easier.


Unlike the above facial hair trimmers, body hair trimmers are much easier to buy, as they generally all do the same thing. Whether you’re looking to trim your chest, armpits, legs or back, a good body hair trimmer can be a huge asset to you.

When buying a body hair trimmer, you should figure out where you will be using it the most. For instance, the Mangroomer Pro back shaver is ideal for shaving the back, whereas the others, such as the Norelco are best for general body hair and are highly effective shaving in contours.


Just like trimmers, find a good clipper can last you a lifetime and keep your hair neatly groomed. There are a huge range of different clippers that you can choose from, but the best hair clippers will provide a large variety of customization in length and even texture.

Depending upon how thick the hair is, you may want a heavy duty clipper, however, if you have thinner hair, it may not be necessary to buy a more heavy duty and expensive clipper. However, if your hair is thin to the point of balding, you may want to go with a balding clipper. A good balding clipper will give you the shave you need to clip your hair to perfection.

Of hair clippers, battery powered cordless hair clippers can be a great choice as they give you a much larger range of mobility than corded clippers, and they can be used anywhere which can help you clip hair in an area where quick cleanup is possible.


If you’re looking for a closer shave than a trimmer or a clipper, a good electric shaver can help you quickly and easily shave your hair without any difficulty. However, not every shaver is ideal for every person. The best electric shaver for women provides reviews of all the top electric shavers for women, both wet and dry use, of all powers and varieties. This article will help you find the ideal trimmer for you.

If you have sensitive skin, a good electric razor for sensitive skin can provide all the close shaving you need without any of the irritation. These razors are some of the best on the market and highly effective despite their gentleness, and I suggest any of them.

If you’re a black man, your hair may be coarser than the electric razors that are designed for white men, so a stronger electric shaver may be the best choice. Our article on the best electric shaver for black men contains all the best razors to cut through close and coarse hair.


For those who want to get rid of their body and facial hair completely, an epilator is a fantastic choice. Unlike razors, the best epilators pluck hairs directly from the skin, keeping them away for long periods of time without coming back. Unlike shaving, there is no black stubble left visible under the skin, and the results are much more smooth.

The best epilators will provide many teeth to pluck hair, be powerful, but also be somewhat gentle to use. Some types of epilators, such as facial hair epilators need to be much more gentle than other varieties, as the face tends to be quite sensitive to pain.

For those who are looking to use an epilator for legs or other lower body hair, a stronger and higher tweezer count is the best. You’ll also want to decide whether you want the epilator able to work while wet, which for some people makes the process less painful and more effective.

If you want an epilator for both, you can get some multi-purpose epilators which are just sensitive enough to work facially, but strong enough to work on thicker lower body hairs.

If you want another solution to getting rid of unwanted hairs without plucking them out, these laser hair removal machine reviews will help you find one that fits your needs. These laser hair removal machines are more expensive, but they can be highly effective given you have the right skin and hair types for treatment.



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