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Best Disposable Razors of 2017

best disposable razorIn the market for a new razor? Make the right choice this time around. It will mean the difference between a painful, uneven shave and smooth and clean results. Out of all the shaving tool options, disposable razors are the most popular for good reason—they offer a close shave with optimal protection from nicks and ingrown hairs. These qualities make disposable razors a great buy for both beginners and those after a professional, polished look. They also contain the additional benefits of being time-efficient, travel-friendly, and great for those prone to acne or skin irritation.

However, not all disposable razors are created equal. There are also many types of disposable razors to choose from, from more traditional double edge options to multi-blade cartridge razors. We’ve done the hard work for you to compile a list of the 4 best disposable razors of the year.

Best Disposable Razors for Men

The best disposable razor for you will depend on your hair texture, skin sensitivity, shaving habits and budget. We’ve brought you a solid double edge razor at the higher end of the price range, as well as plastic cartridge options that combine functionality with cost-efficiency. Although disposable razors can be useful at times, investing in one of the best straight razors will last you a lifetime.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor 38c

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor 38cThe Merkur double edge razor is a heavy-duty shaving tool that would be a great match for those with a thicker hair textures or a heavy beard. This German-made double edge safety razor offers solid, sturdy craftsmanship. Its impressive specs include a stainless steel body, a corrosion-resistant brass core and an optional chrome finish. This is a tool that not only looks elegant on your bathroom shelf but is made to last.

In terms of functionality, the Mekur has superior grip and control in its knurled handle and long three and three-quarter-inch barber pole handle. You’re sure to have optimal control over those angled or tight patches. Most importantly, it is able to handle the toughest hair texture thrown at it by way of its aggressiveness but is still gentle on sensitive skin by way of its single-blade safety razor mechanism.

Overall, the Mekur is a star performer for those dedicated to the art of wet shaving. You’re guaranteed smooth and polished results as well as ultimate comfort. However, this quality tool comes at a higher price than many others for sale but is worth the investment.


Gillette Mach3 Sensitive Disposables

mach3 sensitive disposableGillette’s impressive multi-blade razor combines cutting-edge performance with skincare properties. Its standout feature is a thin strip that sits on top of the razor that release nourishing natural oils to lubricate the surface of your skin. This ensures both a smoother glide and moisturized skin surfacewhich makes the Gillette Mach3 especially suited for those with sensitive skin prone to dryness or irritation.

In terms of shaving quality, the Gillette Mache3 features 3-blade technology and microfins that smooth out the skin to protect it against cuts and nicks. These aspects combine to deliver a fast, safe and impressively close shave to get you out the door in no time. Enhanced maneuverability and control come from a pivoting head that effortlessly glides over tricky contours on your face as well as from the spring-mounted blades offering adjustable pressure.

This is a great razor for a smooth, even and comfortable shaving experience that will be gentle and soothing for your skin.



Schick Quattro Titanium Disposable Razors

Schick Quattro Titanium Disposable Razors for Men Smooth Shaving Razor - 3 CountSchick’s disposable razor is another great buy for those with sensitive or dry skin who want an extra-close, polished shave. It offers optimal performance in the synchronized 4-blade system for superior smoothness and speed.

The pivoting head and special edging blade give you greater control and flexibility in those hard-to-reach areas. A thoughtful ergonomic design is seen in the ribbed rubber grip and lightweight body made for greater balance. Finally, its lubrication strip is enriched with nourishing Vitamin E, aloe and jojoba oils to deliver a smoother glide and moisture to your skin.

You’re guaranteed an even, polished finish with ultimate comfort and minimal skin irritation.



 BIC Hybrid 3 Comfort Disposable Razor

BIC Hybrid 3 Comfort Disposable Razor, Men, 12-CountThis is another fantastic disposable razor that offers great value for money while delivering high performance and enhanced skin moisturizing benefits. Its three synchronized blades give an impressively close and smooth shave, while a flexible pivoting head grants superior reach and control.

The lubricating strip on this star performer injects vital moisture to parched skin while you shave for a polished finish. Best of all, it comes with the convenience of 12 refillable cartridges in this great package deal.

This is a fantastic budget buy for those with sensitive skin desiring a smooth, close shave and superior shaving comfort.


Choose the best disposable razor that suits your needs and budget. With our top choices, there’s no longer a need to compromise quality for cost. If you’re looking for a more traditional approach, we highly suggest getting a disposable blade straight razor, which can cut costs dramatically and provide an extremely close shave.



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