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The Best Hair Treatment Products of 2017

hair treatmentsFor anyone looking to keep their hair strong, thickly growing and healthy for years to come it is exceptionally important to find the right hair treatment for your needs. Sadly, many products on the market are not only ineffective, but some can even damage hair, especially when used incorrectly. For this reason, it is essential to find a hair treatment that is not only effective, but one that fits your type of hair.

Below we will go through some of the top hair products on the market for a variety of different needs and conditions which will have links to specific articles we have written about the best products in these categories to help you find the right product for you.

Hair Growth

When anything goes wrong, from stress to malnutrition, medication side effects or aging, the hair is often hit the hardest. In fact, there are tens, if not hundreds of different factors that can induce hair loss or slow hair growth. For this reason, anyone looking to keep their hair long and healthy should invest in a high quality hair growth product or hair loss treatment.

One of the most effective ways to combat hair loss at its source is to ensure that your are getting the right nutrients the body needs in order to create long and healthy hair. By far, the most important of all nutrients is biotin for hair growth. Although the hair needs a large range of different vitamins  to grow properly, by far the most important of these is biotin, as it is a vitamin directly used in the making of hair, and is the most common limiting factor in how quickly hair grows. This is easily shown by the dramatic increase in hair growth speed upon taking a quality biotin supplement.

However, biotin is not the only building block for hair growth. Adding a prenatal vitamin for hair growth has shown pretty fantastic results due to it’s high levels of biotin, vitamin c, and other essential hair building blocks. If you want to use supplements to improve your hair, definitely check out these best vitamins for hair growth.

However, for men, and sometimes women, biology can cause a receding hairline due to high levels of scalp DHT. Check out these receding hairline treatment options to learn how to combat this condition effectively and improve the thickness of your own hair.


Natural products, we have recently found, have been found to be extremely effective at nourishing hair, increasing its thickness and strength. One of the most common of these natural options is the avocado hair treatment. Avocado has been found to be very effective thanks to its richness in minerals, and the healthy fats that are found within the avocado fruit itself, which can smooth and nourish hair without causing excessive greasyness.

Over the past few years, we have found garlic hair treatments to be extremely effective at reducing hair loss. The reason for this is mostly due to their high levels of active sulphur. It is apparent when you realize these levels of sulphur combined with the water in your eye create sulphuric acid, which is why it burns your eyes when cutting onions.


Although many oil treatments are natural, we felt they deserve their own category, as their effects are somewhat different from typical natural hair treatments.

For those who have extremely thick or wiry hair who need a heavy duty treatment, olive oil hair treatments are highly effective. These treatments can smooth your hair and give it a sleek look without looking overly oily.

Another highly effective and increasing popular type of oil treatment is the castor hair oil treatment. Castor oil is effective because its high levels of omega-6 fatty acids which can increase blood flow to the scalp, causing the hair to grow more quickly. Additionally, this treatment functions as a hair protectant and can give your hair a sleek and healthy look.

There are other oil hair treatments, such as coconut oil, which are highly effective for helping smooth and nourish hair without leaving it too heavy.


Protein hair treatments have become rapidly popular, as they are able to temporarily strengthen hair dramatically by filling small gaps in the cuticle, and can even penetrate the cortex of the hair. Because excessive hair treatment can damage the hair cuticles, protein can help reverse that damage significantly for a period of time.

There are a variety of protein hair treatments which can help increase the strength, texture and quality of your hair, leading to a much thicker looking head of hair.

Although protein treatments can be highly effective for treated hair, even protein treatments for natural hair can be an exceptional choice, as even non color treated, or hair that isn’t excessively damaged can still benefit from the hair repairing benefits of a high quality protein treatment.

It is important to note, however, that for best effects, the protein that is used in the hair treatment should be hydrolysed protein or else it won’t bind to the damaged hair correctly, and will have little to no effect. Even for those who don’t have excessively heat damaged or treated hair should try out a protein treatment, you may be pleasantly surprised with the results that it can provide.

There are a huge variety of different varieties of hair treatments on the market, however, each person has different hair with different hair needs, and because the labels of these products are intended to act as if they can benefit everyone, it is important to do some research before purchasing any particular hair product.

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