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Best Leave in Conditioner for Men in 2017

best leave in conditioner for menMany men see conditioners as a waste of time, instead cutting straight from shampoo to their stash of styling products. However, conditioners perform the vital step of closing up hair cuticles that are opened up by shampoo. This not only adds shine and moisture, but also stops dirt from getting in.

Luckily, there is now a low-maintenance and effective solution complete the men’s hair routine: leave in conditioners. With a few quick spritzes of the bottle, the best leave in conditioners for men perform the job of traditional conditioners without the need to rinse. Even better, they also double as a styling product, especially for men with curly hair.

We have compiled a list of the best leave in conditioners for men to get you on the path to smooth, stylish hair in no time.


Top Leave in Conditioners for Men

The type of product you buy will depend on your hair type and styling needs. We have selected options for curly hair, sensitive skin and hair in need of an extra moisture boost. The best leave in conditioner for men is the one that is right for you. No matter what you choose, all deliver more nourished and manageable hair to get you out the door quicker. For those who prefer it, a deep conditioner for natural hair can be similarly effective.


1. Mixed Chicks His Mix Leave In Conditioner

Mixed Chicks His Mix Leave-In Conditioner 8.5 OzThis is a suitable choice for all types of hair, especially curly or thick textures. Its dual styling action eliminates frizz and defines curls, giving them soft hold. Simply apply to wet hair, then style as usual for a quick, no-fuss step in your morning routine, best used after a clarifying shampoo for natural hair for a nice clean look.

Best of all, this product contains a non-sticky formula with minimal product buildup. Its quality ingredients, including jojoba oil, hydrolyzed protein and collagen, deeply moisturize your hair to protect against damage and breakage.


2. Redken For Men Chill Blast Antioxidant Leave In Treatment

Redken For Men Chill Blast Antioxidant Leave In Treatment 5 ozThis leave in conditioner for men is a real multi-tasker! It injects vital moisture to strengthen your hair and prepare it for easier styling. Additional ingredients such as energizing mint, citrus, geranium and rosemary have a refreshing and cooling effect. They also boost scalp circulation for healthy hair growth.

Even better, this leave in treatment fights against and prevents dandruff, as well as relieves symptoms of itchiness and redness. This purifying, natural product is suited to all hair types, even sensitive scalps.


3. Paul Mitchell The Conditioner

Paul Mitchell The Conditioner, 33.8 OuncePaul Mitchell’s leave in conditioner for men contains a complex, nourishing formula that specializes in delivering intense moisture. It is especially suited for dry, damaged hair, or people who work under stressful environmental conditions. Wheat-derived conditioners provide a protective coat of moisture and improved hair texture.

The Hawaiian awupuhi plant helps maintain moisture balance throughout the day. This nutrient-rich product even doubles as a skin moisturizer. It also has excellent styling-chops by smoothing down hair and reducing static and fizziness. This is a great buy for those with busy lifestyles. Simply apply a small amount to damp hair and comb through.


Conditioning is a vital step in every man’s hair routine and these men’s leave in conditioners are the most efficient options for sale.  If you have purely natural hair these leave-in conditioners can also be highly effective. They offer smoothness, moisture, convenience and easier styling. You’ve got no excuses now.

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