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Best Mustache Scissors in 2017

best moustache scissorsWorking on your signature look? Mustaches are back in fashion as the ultimate styling choice for the modern gentleman. Whether going for the rugged manly look or old-fashioned whiskers, maintenance will be at the forefront of your mind. That’s where the right grooming tools come in. Specialist grooming scissors are a must-have in your daily grooming routine if you want to achieve mastery of your mustache.

They help keep your strands neat and tidy at home or on the road while maintaining the original outlines of your mustache. However, choosing the right pair of scissors is a must.

They must be the right size, sharpness and material otherwise the task of shaping your pride and joy becomes awkward. Even the slightest wrong move could prove disastrous. That’s why we have gathered for you a list of the best mustache scissors you can buy this year. Get snipping!

The Top Mustache Trimming Scissors

The mustache scissors we have chosen all embody quality make, design and performance. However, each of them differ slightly in design features and price, the Dovo Oxy costing twice as much as the other two choices. Pick the one that is right for your specific styling needs and budget.

Sanguine Professional Mustache Scissors and Beard Trimming Scissors

Professional Mustache Scissors and Beard Trimming Scissors, Extremely Sharp 5 inch - BlackThis is a premium quality grooming tool with solid craftsmanship for both professional and home use. It feels solid and luxurious to hold by way of the handcrafted body made from the finest Japanese steel. This is certainly a long-term purchase that will last years to come. In action, it gives utmost precision for cutting fine angles on mustaches, beards and brow hair for all-round personal grooming, and is best combined with a quality mustache wax or beard wax.

The design is considered enough for even the largest hands to wield with perfect comfort, flexibility and movement. The gold finger rest built into the top handle provides an even more supported grip. The extreme sharpness of the blades makes for efficient and subtle shaping of even the thickest hairs. Carefully rounded tips are a great safety feature that reduces the chances of nicks and cuts on delicate areas of your face. These scissors are elegant, efficient and reasonably priced.


Elite Point Facial Hair Scissors

NOSE Hair Scissors- MADE IN ITALY-Facial Hair, Ear, Beard, Moustache, Stainless SteelAnother superb quality tool, the Elite Point scissors come with premium specs. The Italian-made stainless steel body and hand-filed cutting edges are designed to last a lifetime. Hardened blades offer superior sharpness for a precise and efficient cutting experience. The special design rounded tips are a thoughtful safety feature that allows the scissors to be used in even the most sensitive areas of the body. Indeed, along with the task of mustache grooming, the delicate legs of these scissors are perfect for trimming nose, ear, eyebrow and other facial hairs.

Alignment is perfect, the finger holes are large and the grip easy. This makes the Elite Point very comfortable and usable for even those with weaker grips such as people with arthritis. This is another great choice for professional-quality mustache scissors. They’ll add class and style to any grooming routine!


Dovo Oxy Mustache Scissors

Dovo Oxy Moustache ScissorsAt the very top end of the price range comes the Dovo Oxy scissors for those serious about getting their mustache into prime shape. The professional styling and make of this instrument will be sure to impress due to the quality of the German Solingen stainless steel body. It is truly professional-grade, equipped with unique micro-fine corrugation technology with serrations etched onto the surface of one blade. This enables the steel to hold hairs in position while you cut to give you clean, even results.

The other blade is polished smooth for optimal precision and sharpness, great for those who want a good cut without going as far as a beard trimmer. A finger rest and superior balance both make for a comfortable handing experience. Overall, this is a beautiful instrument to have in any grooming kit and well worth the investment.



Quality scissors are an essential investment for those serious about their moustaches. They help you shape and maintain your signature look while serving as beautifully forged implements that you can truly admire. When choosing which tools to buy, traditional craftsmanship really is best. Once you master the art of mustache clipping, your daily grooming routine will turn into a pleasurable ritual.








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