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Best Organic Hair Color Products in 2017

organic hair colorOrganic hair products are now all the rage. They not only provide you with more natural and safe formulations but have also evolved to deliver stunning results. This is especially true of the hair color market, where henna was once the only natural option (and we all remember how those DIY experiments turned out!).

Now there is a fine selection of organic hair dyes that come in a wide range of shade and color options. They also nurture the health of your hair, giving shine, smoothness and moisture without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals.

Read on for our favorite organic hair color products for sale this year. Natural and vibrant color is just a rinse away!

Best Natural Hair Color Products

The best buy in the organic hair color market is the one that suits your needs and purposes. The NaturTint Hair Color is a fine pick for those needing extra moisture and nourishment, while the other two specializes in particular shade or coverage options.

NaturTint Hair Color

Permanent Hair Color - 5N, Light Chestnut Brown, 5.28 oz (6 Pack)This line of permanent hair dye has an impressive range of shades, from lightest blond to darkest black. It delivers stunning shine and color as well as complete grey coverage. Hair is strengthened through the addition of rosemary.

Other nourishing natural ingredients include soy and coconut derivatives, as well as oat, soy, corn and wheat extracts. Hair is left with vibrant color and brilliant shine. Most importantly, hair care benefits are delivered without the use of harmful chemicals, ammonia or parabens. Because of its permanence, it can be used with an organic dry shampoo quite effectively.


Light Mountain Hair Color

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner, Medium Brown, 4 oz (113 g) (Pack of 3)Light Mountain is especially suited for aspiring redheads with their in-depth range of warm shades, from the brightest red to subdued auburn. Its natural formula is based around henna as the main coloring agent.

This line also features a large variety of light to dark browns. Best of all, it comes in a safe chemical-free formulation, free from ammonia and peroxide, with 100% plant-derived ingredients.

The included conditioner adds moisture, body and shine to your hair after the coloring process.


Eco Colors Hair Color

EcoColors Haircolor Golden Blonde Warm - 8G (2 oz color 2 oz developer)Like the other two products, Eco Color’s organic permanent hair dyes are available from blond and red to the blackest shades.

However, it is especially formulated for those seeking to cover grey hairs or emphasize highlights. Its revitalizing formula contains flax and caster oils, flower essence and Vitamins E and C for deep conditioning action. The result is hair that is healthy, shiny and radiating brilliant color. Natural preservatives are used in this product, which is also free from parabens, propylene glycol, sulfates and other potential irritants. Combined with a natural leave in conditioner, the results will last a long time.

This is definitely an organic hair dye product to watch out for.


Coloring agents are notorious for stripping hair of moisture, causing scalp irritation and introducing harmful chemicals into your body. Despite the numerous health warnings about frequent use of hair dye, most of us still use harmful chemicals in the quest for brilliant color and shine. With our top picks for the best organic hair color products for sale, you now have gentle organic alternatives that deliver salon-quality results.


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