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Best Protein Treatments for Your Hair in 2017

best protein treatmentsDaily environmental stressors, color treatments and harsh styling routines can wreck havoc on your hair. The natural structure of your hair strands, composed of oils and protein, can be thrown off balance, leading to split ends, fizziness and dull textures. But those days are a thing of the past with the latest crop of protein treatments designed to return your hair back to vitality and health.

These products contain deeply nourishing protein formulations that fill in gaps of broken amino acid chains. Your hair is repaired and restored back to health, as well as protected from further breakage. Say goodbye to dull, limp and damaged hair! We also have a more targeted guide on protein treatments for natural hair.

Read on for our top picks of the best protein treatment for hair selling this year.

Top Protein Treatments for Hair

A good protein hair treatment should reconstruct, nourish and strengthen hair to  protect it from further damage. For daily use, the ELC protein treatment and Surface Trinity are good choices for outdoor environmental protection, while the Paul Mitchell treatment delivers an intense boost of protein for a weekly treatment.

ELC Dao of Hair Repair Protein Treatment

ELC Dao of Hair Repair Damage Plus Leave-In Protein Cream - 5.07 ozThis amazing protein treatment is great for hair that is severely damaged, colored or keratin-treated, as well as for those with an active outdoor lifestyle.

This leave-in protein cream formula contains silk and keratin proteins to reconstruct hair cuticles and inject intense moisture. Its nourishing action is supplemented by a blend of multivitamins and natural botanicals which pair excellently with a standalone castor oil treatment.

It not only repairs damage from chemicals and harsh environmental conditions, but also contains UV and thermal protection. Best of all, its rich formula provides immediate results but is gentle enough for daily use.

Paul Mitchell Wild Ginger Keratriplex Treatment

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratriplex Treatment - Box of 10 VialsPaul Mitchell’s protein treatment is best for particularly damaged and fragile hair due to sun or chemical exposure. Its innovative technology features isolated proteins, designed to be identical to keratin in human hair.

This protein treatment provides instant deep-level repair to damaged and brittle hair, and protects from future damage. Distressed cuticles are smoothed, making less frizz and more manageable hair.

Finally, powerful awapuhi wild ginger seals the cuticles to lock in all the moisture from your protein treatment.


 Surface Trinity Protein Repair Tonic

Surface trinity protein repair tonicThis is a perfect protein treatment for natural hair that undergoes intense daily heat styling or harsh outdoor conditions. It firstly penetrates deeply into the hair follicles to repair damage and add moisture and shine, and combine fantastically with garlic hair treatments.

A hot blast of the hair dryer or heat from a hair straightener further boosts the reconstructive action of this formula, further fortified by a rich blend of natural ingredients, including amaranth, soy and Keravis cationic proteins.

Best of all, environmental and sun protection preserves the results of your protein treatment all day.


A protein hair treatment is the quick and effective way to return your hair back to optimal health. They offer hope for even the most damaged hair with innovative technology and precious oils and botanical extracts, like avocado hair treatments. Treat your hair to a luxurious protein dose and feel the instant difference.

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