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Best Shampoo for Oily Hair – A Review

best shampoo for oily HairOne of the most common issues faced by men and women daily is oily hair and it’s side effects, even more commonly encountered than hair loss. Additionally, this problem can bring problems such as dandruff and potentially acne. While this may have been a useful way of protecting our ancestor’s locks, it can be quite an inconvenience for the modern person.

These days we have a much better understanding of this problem and ways to remedy it, one of these solutions, and a very effective one, is using a high quality shampoo for this purpose. Though there are many different kinds of products for this condition,  the best varieties work to both break down grease and also prevent grease throughout the day or even longer.

Sadly, many people don’t have much expertise in this area and choose an overpriced or weak product for excess grease which might not only be ineffective, but could potentially even make the problem worse. Because of this and the general lack of good information on this topic, we have compiled a list of the best available so that you can pick the perfect one for your needs. We will even review some surprisingly effective natural products as well.


1.  Shampoo For Oily HairDegrease by Maple Holistics

One of the most surprising results when searching for the best shampoo for oily hair was that the highest rated, best reviewed and most effective product was natural. Degrease by Maple Holistics is one of the best daily use shampoos available and is likely the best available at this time and can hold its own among other sulfate-free clarifying shampoos. This product is effective because of it’s potent blend of organic rosemary, argan and jojoba.

While many of these shampoos are are very effective in the short term, after washing with them, they can cause a rebound effect in which the body produces even more than prior to washing. This can make it even more, greasy than before. Additionally, you can buy this one at a very low cost in comparison to its effectiveness. One of the best aspects of this product is that it has been shown to break down excess sebum oils but also doesn’t strip, damage or cause this rebound effect.


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Classic Crew

2.  Classic by American Crew

American Crew is one of the most respected brands and their “Classic” shampoo has continually proven to be one of the best. If you look at the reviews, they are filled with very pleased customers who just weeks ago had this problem. While this product isn’t highly targeted towards those with oily scalps, the ingredients this product contains are very potent. The most prominent of these are panama bark extract and their advanced wheat protein blend, which can both effectively fortify and cleanse excess oils without stripping it. As a bonus, you can buy this item at a sale price from many salons.

Even if you only have only slight issues in this area, this is one of the best daily use products available. I keep the jumbo sized bottle in both of my bathrooms and have been extremely satisfied with the results.


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Black Mud Shampoo

3. Dead Sea Black Mud by Jericho

Dead Sea Black Mud isn’t just a creative name for a shampoo for oily hair, this product actually contains black mud from the dead sea — an extremely nutrient rich dirt. If you don’t have any qualms with a shampoo made partially from mud touching your skin, you will experience great results. Because this item is not very well known, it is unlikely to be found at a nearby store.

This product contains an avocado extract and large amounts of natural Vitamin E, along with a patented variety of plant extracts. If you are looking for a unique and potent product for those with excess oil, this can certainly be a good solution. This paraben-free shampoo is also almost completely scentless and is a fantastic choice for those who may be allergic to perfume agents, dyes or other chemicals found in modern brands.


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While having this problem can help prevent the likelihood of lice, I highly doubt people will find it a good trade-off! All of these products can be extremely effective solutions and help dramatically when alternated but can also highly effective as standalone products. In addition, there are great sulfate free shampoos that can also help reduce this problem through not overly dehydrating hair. We are certain you will see great results.

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