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Best Shaving Products and Razors of 2017

best shaving productsA quick look online at razors online will reveal thousands of potential products available on the market. Sadly, the vast majority of these products are made of low quality materials which will quickly dull and even break. A good shaving products will last you years, and maybe even a lifetime if taken care of correctly.

Whether you prefer safety razors, straight razors, or even disposable razors, we will show the the best of all the products on the market in order to ensure that you get a high quality, close shave every day for many years to come.

Safety Razors

After decades of disposable razor usage, many are returning back to the more old fashioned razors, and safety razors are cheap, easy to use, and with the right care will remain quite effective for years.

If you’re looking for an all around good safety razor, our safety razor reviews will show you the highest quality and most effective blades available on the market. A good safety razor will provide a good close shave, and be sturdy enough for last years, along with which and strong blades to cut through the most unruly facial hair.

For those who want the benefits of a safety razor but haven’t had much experience with them, our article on the best safety razors for beginners will help break down all the top choices of the year so that you can have a smooth and safe transition into safety razor shaving.

There are several different varieties of safety razor, but one of the most popular as of late is the butterfly safety razor. This variety of safety razor makes it easy to quickly swap out different blades and provide a smooth shave.

Arguably one of the most important factor when trying to get a good shave with these razors is finding the best safety razor blades. The best safety razor blades will be strong, long-lasting, rust resistant and sharp. Because some safety razors use different varieties of blades, make sure you get one that fits the model that you need.

Straight Razors

Before the more modern razor inventions, straight razors were king for all shaving needs. Although many other razors may be more easy to learn, straight razors are arguably one of the most effective, and cheapest of all shaving methods. As long as you are willing to learn how to use one of these razors, it can be a tremendous investment. As many have said, once you start shaving with a straight razor, there’s no turning back.

For those interested in using one of these fantastic blades, our guide to the best straight razors will help you select one of the best of all the straight razors on the market. Any of which will help you get a clean close shave and save money in the long run. Of the many different varieties of straight razor, Japanese straight razors are among the most highly regarded due to their immense level of quality craftsmanship.

Because straight razors can sometimes be expensive, there are some cheap straight razors which can help you get a high quality shave for a low cost. Even the cheaper models are a much better choice than most other shaving options on the market, as long as you are willing to put some practice into learning how to use them.

For those who don’t want to have to strop, sharpen and clean a safety razor, or just to ensure that you can a sharp shave every time, many have used disposable safety razors. These razors, while not as cheap to use long-term as many other safety razors, are still highly effective. However, be careful if you are a new user, as the razor blades can be incredibly sharp.

Other Razors

Although disposable razors aren’t the ideal choice for long-term use, some of the best disposable razors can be quite effective and easy to use. If take care of and dried properly, even an disposable razor can last a long time.

The best razors for shaving your head we figured should be added in, as they are often quite a different breed from many other razors on the market, especially the head hugging varieties. If you are looking for a good razor for this purpose, we highly suggest you check out our guide.

Finding the right razor is essential. For those who want a quick and easy shave without having to worry about sharpening or stropping their blade, a safety razor is likely the best choice. But for those who want to shave like the hundreds of generations of men before you (as well as save large amounts of money) a high quality straight razor is likely the best choice for you.

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