Best Temporary Hair Dye of 2017

temporary hair dye

For anyone who wants to color their hair for a party, an event or simply for variety, it’s necessary that you know what the highest quality and best temporary hair dye is. This way you can ensure that you get the perfect option that doesn’t damage.

There are an almost infinite reasons you could want to dye your hair temporarily; however, ensure that you purchase relative to the time frame you want it to last. Some brands last just several days and others can last up to several months. With some brands the result can be much less than adequate so ensure that you pick the right quality, and duration that is suitable for your needs. Whether you want red hair dye or a more subtle auburn, there is a high quality brand to fit your needs.

There’s a huge lack of information available about the different styles and types of coloring that are the most effective, for this reason we have compiled a list of the top brands and styles to help make your selection process much easier.


1. Colorme by Giuliano
colormeOut of all  brands available, Colorme is by far the most professional and high quality available to buy. This line also offers a very large selection of shades, hues and styles for nearly any occasion.

However, though this product is extremely high quality, it is also more expensive than most other varieties of temporary dye. The brush-style application of this color makes it great for styles such as ombre or streaking.

If you are looking for a very high quality product for usage such as streaks or tip dying, Giuliano is second to no other brand.


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2. Manic Panic

manic panicManic panic is one of the most commonly used and has some of the most highly rated products available. Manic panic has been around for years and their sales continue to increase because of the quality and price of their products.

If you are looking for nearly any temporary color manic panic has it. Manic Panic can be found at a variety of different prices, so be sure to shop before buying. Because of the high volume and low cost of these products, you can easily dye for under $10, often multiple times.


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3. Punky

punky colourPunky is a relatively new brand, however, they have already produced some very high quality colors. Punky hair products are semi-permanent so if you are looking for a simple one-night treatment, Punky isn’t the best choice for you.

This brand is relatively economical and there are a variety of sales you can find online. Additionally, the colors available from this company is extremely vibrant and the user reviews are very positive; if you are looking for a high quality semi-permanent dye, Punky is a fantastic choice.



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4. Special Effects

special effects dyeSpecial Effects is another great and time-tested brand for semi-permanent option. Though their packaging isn’t the most eye catching, their products are in a league of their own and can be found at nearly any specialty store.  Special effects has a huge range of different colors that can fit nearly any event or occasion. However, be sure to check images of the results prior to using specific products because their packaging isn’t very descriptive, a simple image search will be sufficient. If you follow these steps, special effects will be a fantastic choice.



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Because of the large selection of types and colors, any of these brands can be a great choice for you. Though before you purchase make certain that the product fits your needs. In order to get the best length and color vibrancy from these products, be sure to pick up a sulfate free shampoo, as they are much less harsh than traditional shampoos.

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