Thinning and Loss

Biotin for Hair Growth – Does it Work?

When people need a way to increase hair growth, biotin isn’t typically one of the first things that comes to mind, rather most people look to find a shampoo for this purpose. While these can occasionally be effective, the best results at present are from supplements. Out of all the variety of vitamins available, this is certainly the single most effective. Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 is an essential nutrient for growth. Taking relatively large doses of this vitamin can result in dramatic improvements for those suffering from problems ranging from loss, to slow growth and general thinning. For best results, it should be taken for a month or longer to achieve best results.

How Does it Work?

biotin hair growthThough the links between biotin and growth are getting clearer and more understood every day, we still do not entirely understand every effect that it creates within the body. However, we do have a some verified information about how it works.

While this supplement does not directly stimulate growth, it drastically increases the function and health of follicles, in turn this affects both strength and growth rate by quite a large amount. Because of this effect, follicles that were not functioning at full potential prior are kicked into high gear, providing you with a much thicker, smoother and overall better. This vitamin also affects several other systems in the body, such as skin and nails, and can improve energy and general health, making it a good supplement for many other reasons as well.

Is it Safe?

Like many other B vitamins, it is extremely safe to take even in large amounts because it is water soluble and is not stored within the body. Side effects from taking even a large dose are extremely unlikely, the most serious side effects ever noted from it are mild skin flushing and itching. When comparing the effectiveness against the potential side effects, you can see it is an extremely safe and effective solution.

Diets and Multivitamins

The human body is extremely complex and needs a large variety of vitamins and minerals to function effectively. While this supplement is extremely effective, the body needs more than that alone to produce hair, including amino acids, fats, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Zinc and much much more. This means that even if you use biotin for hair growth, you may not see the results you want unless your diet has these other nutrients.

While the safest and healthiest way of obtaining these nutrients is through food, it can be quite difficult to ensure you are getting all that you need, every day. If this isn’t possible for you, I would suggest taking a multivitamin, prenatal or otherwise, with your supplement to ensure that you are getting the best results possible. However, while these other nutrients are very easy to get, you need a lot more biotin than you would be able to get with the average diet. You would have to consume pounds of peanuts or egg yolks a day which isn’t the most pleasant solution. Because of this, I highly suggest purchasing biotin in supplement form for best results.

Top Brands

1.  Natrol – 10,000 mcg

NatrolAt the moment, Natrol has the highest potency and lowest cost biotin available. You can buy 100 capsules that each contain 10,000 mcg of biotin for less than $7.

When considering price vs quality, Natrol is head and shoulders above the rest. Additionally, the reviews for this product are exceptional in comparison to most other products, and it can be purchased at a sale price at nearly any store online.


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2. Now – 5,000 mcg

NowNow is another great, high quality supplement brand though their prices are a bit more expensive than Natrol, the quality is unbeatable.



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In addition to this supplement, there are a variety of other ways to achieve the same ends, one of the best options is through a great shampoo such as Nioxin, or other effective growth shampoos. Combined with a high quality protein treatment for natural hair, you’ll have a perfect combination that can yield much better results than either alone.

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