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best beard wax
Grooming Products Mustache and Beard Wax

Best Beard Waxes of 2017

A well-groomed beard is one of the key trends this season for both a modern and timeless look. It can make you look more manly, rugged or polished depending on your other styling choices. Whatever effect you’re going for, proper grooming is essential to…

best cheap straight razor
Grooming Products Straight Razors

Top 4 Cheap Straight Razors in 2017

Traditional straight razors are making an exciting comeback as the go-to shaving tool of the modern gentleman. The simplest and most elegant shaving tool on the market, they consist of a single permanent blade tucked into a handle. They offer the closest shave and, by…

Japanese straight razor
Grooming Products Straight Razors

Best Japanese Straight Razors of 2017

For the closest, most even shave possible using a tool of the highest quality craftsmanship and design, look no further than a Japanese straight razor. More people than ever are switching to the no-frills straight razor for a more traditional shaving experience. It offers…

best safety razor for beginners
Grooming Products Straight Razors

Best Safety Razors for Beginners

Thinking of making the switch? Traditional safety razors are quickly gaining popularity as a classic, classy alternative to electric or cartridge razors. They are for those of you wanting to take more time and care with your shaving ritual. Safety razors offer a cleaner…