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organic hair color
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Best Organic Hair Color Products in 2017

Organic hair products are now all the rage. They not only provide you with more natural and safe formulations but have also evolved to deliver stunning results. This is especially true of the hair color market, where henna was once the only natural option…

best blow dryer for natural hair
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The 4 Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair in 2017

To get one step closer to that elusive salon-quality blow dry, it pays to invest in your tools. A good blow dryer can mean the difference between a dull, frizzy tangle and hair that radiates health, shine and enviable style. Buying the right blow…

temporary hair dye

Best Temporary Hair Dye of 2017

Looking for a good temporary hair dye? Regardless of the event or reason, one of these hair dye brands will provide you with exactly what you are looking for.…

Manic Panic Red Hair Dye

Best Red Hair Dye of 2017

Red hair dye can be both one of the best, and tackiest hair dye colors depending on what dye you choose. Learn about choosing the best red color for your needs as well as how to use it effectively.…