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Hair Treatment

The Best Hair Treatment Products of 2017

For anyone looking to keep their hair strong, thickly growing and healthy for years to come it is exceptionally important to find the right hair treatment for your needs. Sadly, many products on the market are not only ineffective, but some can even damage hair,…

avocado hair treatment
Hair Treatment

Top Avocado Hair Treatment Products of 2017

The modern beauty industry is now beginning to reap the benefits of ancient wisdom. Avocado has been used as a powerful hair treatment through the ages from the time of the early Egyptians. Its amazing benefits include shiny and silky hair, faster hair growth,…

garlic hair treatment
Hair Treatment

The Best Garlic Hair Treatments for Your Hair

Natural ingredients have provided some of the most surprising and effective results in the world of beauty. Garlic is a miracle ingredient in hair treatments, containing a host of powerful benefits. The actions of sulfur, copper, Vitamin C, selenium and minerals in garlic promotes…

olive oil hair treatment
Hair Treatment Oils

Top 3 Olive Oil Hair Treatments of the Year

Essential oils provide a natural, gentle and extremely effective approach to hair care. Olive oil is one of the most nutrient-rich essential oils with the potential to deeply moisturize and replenish your hair. Additionally, it contains a host of antioxidants to rid your hair…

hot oil treatment for natural hair
Hair Treatment Oils

Hot Oil Treatments for Natural Hair: Best of 2017

Your hair needs pampering, rest and restoration just like you do. The rigors of harsh weather, daily styling and color treatments can lead to stressed-out locks. These hazards are even worse for natural or curly hair textures that require more styling time. That’s why…

best castor oil treatment

Best Castor Oil Hair Treatment Products for Healthy Hair

Castor hair oil treatment is fast being rediscovered for its nutrient-rich properties and amazing results. It has been a treatment throughout the ages for those seeking longer and thicker hair and eyelashes. This rich ingredient has even been used to treat dry skin and…

laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal: Facts, Advice and More

Ever considered laser hair removal? Was it for convenience, or do you enjoy simply prefer smooth skin? Learn about all the pros and cons of laser hair removal here, and learn whether it is a good fit for you.…