DIY Ombre Hair Tutorial

ombreThis style has become really popular over the past couple years, when it first became a style I never thought I would be making a DIY ombre hair guide, but the times are changing. Not everyone has access to a full-time stylist and a bulging pocket of cash, nor should everyone. If you have access to a great stylist for cheap, it might be a good idea to choose them because it takes a bit of patience to learn how to do it yourself, however, once you do learn, the rewards are great.

Though there are plenty of ways to do so, I chose this method because I’ve had great results and it’s pretty easy once you get used to it. Before you start, there are a few things that you will need. While some of these are optional, I definitely suggest all of them for want best results.

I also suggest you don’t use this tutorial if damage has been sustained because bleaching can dry it out a lot more.

What You’ll Need

  • Gloves
  • Clothes you don’t care about
  • Towel to cover shoulders
  • Bleach & Developer & Mixing Bowl(Almost any highlighting kit will work)
  • A Makeup Brush, spatula or any other means of application
  • Foil
  • Dark Hair – It doesn’t need to be extremely dark, just dark enough to have a gradient effect. For those with light hair, you can substitute bleaching with dying for a completely different look.

In order to keep this venture as cheap as possible, it’s a good idea to the higher price items online as their sale price is usually cheap in comparison to local stores. Once you buy all these items, you’re read to start!



diy ombre hairMixing and Setup

The first thing you should do is to do is mix the bleach & developer in your mixing bowl; mix it up well.  Make sure you have gloves on, and a towel protecting your shoulders. Old clothes are awesome for this, I’ve ruined plenty of good clothes so far.

For this step you should probably beg someone to apply it for you! Though it’s not a necessary to have another person if you’re crafty at applying  dye, it can help out a ton.



  • In case you have a lot of hair, make sure you tie it up or it can get in the way of the procedure. 
  • Also make sure you time the highlighting process & check frequently so you don’t wind up with an orange or white color.

When you are applying the highlighter solution, it’s similar to any other application but you’re just going to want to apply it at the very bottom of each segment. You can use the traditional highlighter mixing spatula for this. If you want a fading effect, which I love, use an old makeup brush to bring it a little bit further up towards the scalp, though not too heavily.

You’re should work on your luscious locks section by section, however, you can do it all at once if confident in your abilities. My biggest piece of advice is don’t highlight too high or uniformly. A gradient effect looks great and is really easy to do with an old makeup brush. A


This is where the foil will come in handy, once you have the bleach applied to each segment, make sure you tightly seal it with foil. The best way is to use small strips that you can fold both width and lengthwise to seal it in well. It doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as the foil holds well. At this point if want to be really creative it can definitely pay off; I recently applied a red dye by Manic Panic and had a really unique and fantastic result.


After Treatment


Washing & Care

Once the highlighting period is over, make to rinse the chemicals out quickly, slightly cold or lukewarm water is suggested. After initial rinsing, don’t wash for several days for best results. Because of bleaching, it may be a bit more dry than usual — it can be a good idea to purchase a high quality moisturizer to use several days afterwards. Because of the treatment done, it’s a good idea to use a gentle shampoo, like a sulphate free shampoo, in order to keep your hair good for days

Note: if  using toner, avoid washing after application until your tips get to the perfect color.


Now that you’ve got the perfect style, feel free to style, curl, wave in any way you like. I’m sure you’re going to love it 😉 Once you have experience, feel free to mix it up as much as you like; there are an unlimited amount of different options and possibilities. For instance, after the highlighting process, you can use a temporary dye to have a great looking colored look.

green tip


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