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Hot Oil Treatments for Natural Hair: Best of 2017

hot oil treatment for natural hairYour hair needs pampering, rest and restoration just like you do. The rigors of harsh weather, daily styling and color treatments can lead to stressed-out locks. These hazards are even worse for natural or curly hair textures that require more styling time. That’s why scheduling deep hot oil moisture treatments into your hair routine is a must.

Out of all the treatment options, hot oil treatments are one of the most luxurious and nourishing. They open up your cuticles and reach deep into the strands of your hair to repair damage and add strength and shine. But the best oil treatments for natural hair need to be nutrient-rich and void of harmful ingredients.

From argan oil to castor oil treatments, any nutrient rich hot oil treatment can do wonders for your hair. That is why we have compiled for you a list of the best hot oil treatment products for sale this year. They contain superior formulations that will care for the health of not only your hair, but also your overall well-being.

Best Hot Oil Products for Natural Hair

The best hot oil treatment for natural hair will restore optimal levels of moisture to your hair without product buildup. Our top buys give you a wide range of choices, from a versatile all-natural treatment to more complex oil and shampoo formulations.

T Eva Hansen Sweet Almond Oil

16oz SWEET ALMOND OIL - 100% Pure & Natural Moisturizer from Head to Toe & Best Carrier Oil - SEE RESULTS OR MONEY-BACK - Works wonders for your hair, scalp, face, body and feet. Perfect for massage.T Eva Hanson’s Sweet Almond Oil is a high quality formula for those looking for a pure and natural moisture immersion. Sweet almond oil is known for its deep-hydrating properties for the hair, scalp and body. It heals dry and damaged cuticles and coats hair in vital moisture and vitamins. The best thing about sweet almond oil is its lightweight quality, delivering a luxurious oil treatment without leaving a heavy, sticky residue.

The 100% all-natural sweet almond oil in this product is perfect for mixing with other homemade beauty treatments. This is a versatile product especially recommended for people with sensitive skin and scalp looking for a natural alternative treatment.

Alter Ego Garlic Mask Hot Oil Treatment with Garlic

Alter Ego Garlic Mask Hot Oil Treatment with Garlic - 33.8 ozGarlic hair treatments are fast being rediscovered as one of the most potent natural treatments for promoting hair thickness and growth. This hot oil mask harnesses the unique effects of garlic along with a host of other natural ingredients, including peptydes, vitamins, mineral salts, and wheat extract.

These combine to create a quality formula that leaves your hair strengthened, softened and infused with superior shine.

This is a great buy for those with color- or chemically- treated hair or notable damage to hair cuticles. Its natural formula also makes it suitable for people with sensitive scalps.

Soft Sheen-Carson Optimum Oil Therapy Featherlight Hot Oil

Soft Sheen-Carson Optimum Oil Therapy Featherlight Hot OilThis is a great all-rounder, a traditional intense oil therapy for those with stressed-out hair.

It is designed to restore optimal levels of moisture to your hair by first repairing damage. Dry hair is given softness, elasticity and ongoing protection against breakage.

Its micro-oil technology, filled with natural oils, reaches deep into the hair shaft without any oil or grease build up. Best of all, it offers the convenience of a self-heating mechanism and is perfect for most hair types.



With the use of a quality hot oil treatment, you will learn to love your hair’s original texture. Combined with other proper hair treatment, such as a protein treatment for natural hair, your hair can stay beautiful and healthy for years. Easier styling and optimal elasticity, shine and health are only a rinse away!






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