Micro Braids – A Comprehensive Guide

Micro braids have been a very popular hairstyle for African American men and women for years and more recently for those of other cultures and heritage too. If you are interested in getting this procedure done, be certain that your hair is healthy. If it isn’t healthy when performing this procedure you are very likely to increase and reinforce damage, the effects of this can be devastating.


As stated prior, this is the primary factor for those who are considering this style. It’s not uncommon for those who havemicro braids this procedure done with unhealthy hair to have not only bad results but also effects as poor as entire chunks fall out — this is the last thing that you want. So before you begin, ensure that it is strong and healthy. Without it there is a tendency to break from the tension that this style can cause.

If you don’t have extremely healthy locks and you still want this treatment, your first priority should be to strengthen and restore health before you continue. Most damage from treatments will repair themselves over time, however, by using a quality growth shampoo and growth vitamins along with a good conditioner, you can restore the quality and strength much more quickly and effectively.

Before You Begin

This style, while seemingly simple, is actually quite difficult to do well enough to ensure that it will last a long time and provide high quality results with little tension. Unless you are a highly trained stylist, I wouldn’t suggest attempting micro braids on your own. The best way to get this style done is to find a highly trusted and great stylist, otherwise you can wind up with low quality looks, fraying, hair damage and much more.

Before starting, you want to ensure that you have trimmed all of your split ends. Neglecting to trim the split ends can have bad results for the longevity of your braids and the style in general.

Something else to consider when getting this or any similar style is whether you want the edges of your hairline braided. If you decide to, it can be much easier to style, although it is very easy to wind up with breakage because they are much finer. The results of this breakage can be devastating for style and uniformity. For this reason, I suggest not braiding this area as there are a variety of styles you can have that will make this look more natural. Although it is often more work than standard braiding, it is much safer.

The Braiding

When getting this treatment, there are a variety of different ways that you can tie up your extensions. The most common ways are from gluing or tying the ends. Both of these can be effective and can result in a different look. While either one can be done very good results, ensure that the person braiding is skilled in this area.

Maintaining Health

After the treatment you need to ensure that you are taking care of your new braids, because they can create strain. Ensure that you have a high quality conditioner and are moisturizing daily to avoid stripping or other damage. You can find a variety of moisturizers just for this purpose online.


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