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Nioxin Shampoo: Do They Work?

nioxin shampooA lot of people have been talking about Nioxin shampoo and many top brands and magazines such as Allure have featured these products, but do they work? This company was created to help restore to full health all varieties of thinning, for both treated and untouched hair with great effects. Through reviews, product ingredients and the scalp and follicle oriented philosophy of the brand — we’ve discovered it can be a great choice for anyone who wants to increase the thickness and health. Even more, you can buy Nioxin at nearly any online hair store, often at a low cost.

Nioxin shampoo comes in a few different formulations, specific to each individual’s needs. For example,  1 & 2 specialize in treating various degrees of thin hair, and can be a great choice for an individual with untreated hair. While  3 and 4 are specifically aimed to both increase thickness and avoid interference with chemical treatments. In order to have a well-rounded approach to this condition, it is good to supplement with vitamins and minerals essential to proper growth.


1. Cleanser, System 1

System 1 cleanserThis product is designed specifically for those who are experiencing mild thinning that hasn’t yet become very noticeable. It has a very specialized and potent blend of humectants and botanicals that can drastically reduce thinning  over time by increasing strength. It is called a cleanser for a reason, it very effectively targets toxins, pollutants and unwanted minerals and clears them away with ease.

Out of all of these shampoos and cleansers, the customer satisfaction was one of the highest we have seen to date. For anyone who has untreated, thinning hair and is looking for a gentle, yet effective, way to thicken it, this product is by far the most effective.



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2. Cleanser, System 2

System 2 cleanserThis one is targeted at those with with more serious thinning. While very similar to# 1 in effect and ingredients, this variety is a bit more potent and should not be used if you have used dyes or bleaches recently.

Like, Nioxin 1, it is a very potent moisturizer and contains amino acids and is a very potent cleanser of residue and unwanted DHT. This cleansing can dramatically increase the growth rate over time. It also contains a variety of nutrients, vitamins and proteins to help increase the health of the scalp and follicle as well. This cleanser is ideal for you if you have untreated and noticeable thinning. Additionally, it is currently on sale at a very reasonable price.



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3. Cleanser, System 3

System 3 cleanserSystem 3 is a newer addition to the line and is designed specifically for those who have had treatment done. In comparison with other shampoos in the line, #3 is most similar to #1, however, it has several safeguards and a slightly altered ingredient base to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with dyes, bleaches or any other forms of chemical treatment.

Overall it is very effective and has been reviewed very highly. While I only experience this condition mildly, it has be invaluable for me and will always be a part of my collection as long as it is around.

For those with mild thinning and treatment, this formulation is by far the best choice for you.




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4. Cleanser, System 4

nioxin 4System 4 is created for noticeably thinning for those who have recently dyed or bleached and is very similar to #2 in strength and #3 in delicacy.

This formulation has also been proven to be highly effective for anyone with moderate thinning; according to studies done, 9/10 saw increase in thickness in only one month.


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There are a variety of other great options in addition to these shampoos that can help as well. Some of the most popular growth shampoo alternatives can be effective as well. In order to get the best results, however, it is a good idea to incorporate other ways to achieve these purposes, such as taking great vitamins for hair growth. These together can be yield results greater than their sums.

While all of these product can be very effective, ensure that you are getting the best one for your needs. If you choose any of these cleansers, be certain to check out other products in the line for best results.

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