Japanese straight razor
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Best Japanese Straight Razors of 2017

For the closest, most even shave possible using a tool of the highest quality craftsmanship and design, look no further than a Japanese straight razor. More people than ever are switching to the no-frills straight razor for a more traditional shaving experience. It offers…

best safety razor for beginners
Grooming Products Straight Razors

Best Safety Razors for Beginners

Thinking of making the switch? Traditional safety razors are quickly gaining popularity as a classic, classy alternative to electric or cartridge razors. They are for those of you wanting to take more time and care with your shaving ritual. Safety razors offer a cleaner…

best disposable razor
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Best Disposable Razors of 2017

In the market for a new razor? Make the right choice this time around. It will mean the difference between a painful, uneven shave and smooth and clean results. Out of all the shaving tool options, disposable razors are the most popular for good…

butterfly safety razor
Grooming Products Straight Razors

Best Butterfly Safety Razors of 2017

More people than ever are making the switch from costly cartridge razors to more traditional safety razors. Once you’ve mastered the technique of safety razors, you’ll never look back. They offer superior comfort, balance and closeness of shave with fewer blade changes and disposable…

avocado hair treatment
Hair Treatment

Top Avocado Hair Treatment Products of 2017

The modern beauty industry is now beginning to reap the benefits of ancient wisdom. Avocado has been used as a powerful hair treatment through the ages from the time of the early Egyptians. Its amazing benefits include shiny and silky hair, faster hair growth,…

garlic hair treatment
Hair Treatment

The Best Garlic Hair Treatments for Your Hair

Natural ingredients have provided some of the most surprising and effective results in the world of beauty. Garlic is a miracle ingredient in hair treatments, containing a host of powerful benefits. The actions of sulfur, copper, Vitamin C, selenium and minerals in garlic promotes…

Shampoo for keratin treated hair
Shampoos and Conditioners

Best Shampoos for Keratin Treated Hair

After leaving the salon with sleek and glossy keratin treated hair, your first priority will be its maintenance. The results of that expensive keratin treatment should optimally last for a few months and is more potent in most respects than many other protein treatments.…

organic hair color
Color Styling Products

Best Organic Hair Color Products in 2017

Organic hair products are now all the rage. They not only provide you with more natural and safe formulations but have also evolved to deliver stunning results. This is especially true of the hair color market, where henna was once the only natural option…

olive oil hair treatment
Hair Treatment Oils

Top 3 Olive Oil Hair Treatments of the Year

Essential oils provide a natural, gentle and extremely effective approach to hair care. Olive oil is one of the most nutrient-rich essential oils with the potential to deeply moisturize and replenish your hair. Additionally, it contains a host of antioxidants to rid your hair…