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Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth: Do They Work?

Many have noticed the drastic change  in nail and hair length while while taking these; however, there’s much more to this topic than many would assume. While use of prenatal vitamins for hair growth can be helpful, they typically aren’t the best choice. The primary reason is because these supplements are often ineffective for increasing thickness or length outside of pregnancy — if you have taken them after pregnancy, your results will be drastically diminished. High quality varieties are also very hard to obtain and typically aren’t good to use on a daily basis because of their concentration of nutrients.

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How They Do, and Don’t, Work

The reason why this supplement seems to have such a large benefit is primarily a result of the changes your body undergoes during pregnancy. In almost every case there are much more potent alternatives for those who are not pregnant, even using biotin is much more effective. The main reason that these pills are ineffective after pregnancy is a result of stabilized blood oxygen levels. During pregnancy blood levels of oxygen drastically rise in order to give your new child the nutrients it needs in order to grow healthy. This much increased oxygen level in combination with them makes for extremely nutrient packed blood, which feeds contributes dramatically to the lengthening and thickening.

If you try taking them outside of pregnancy, the results may be much less impressive than hoped for. Additionally, the most effective ones of this variety are very hard to obtain unless you have a prescription, which is rarely given outside of traditional settings. Because of all of these factors, in 90 percent of situations, there are much more effective options. However, there are some cases in which, due to differences in biology between people, they can be somewhat effective.

Other Options

There are a variety of other and more effective options if you want to reduce symptoms of thinning and slow developing. Thanks to recent technology you can even purchase shampoos for hair loss that can be quite effective. Because they are rarely a good choice , we will list several of the most effective supplements you can use as an alternative.


Biotin has been noted as the most essential nutrient for healthy functioning of follicles, however, not many people have incorporated it into their diet. Biotin works because it essential nutrient needed by the enzyme that forms the proteins in the follicle; additionally, many people don’t get enough through their diet alone. Because of this, a high dose of biotin along with a variety of other nutrients such as Vitamin C, Zinc,  and Iron can make a dramatic difference. If you are looking for a single item, this is by far the most effective and is currently available at a low price at nearly any store.

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It is a essential to buy a high quality shampoo that not only doesn’t strip hair but also provides nutrients and extracts, as this can be extremely beneficial. There are a variety of different shampoos available that can help, most of them feature saw palmetto and caffeine — both of these have been shown to drastically improve follicle function. The inclusion of saw palmetto is especially effective if the condition is DHT related, such as male pattern baldness. Additionally, this product has great reviews and can certainly be a great addition.

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine

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Overall, prenatal vitamins can be very effective while pregnant, however, there are much better choices in almost every circumstance. The best solution is a combination of nutrients, such as biotin, along with a high quality shampoo, such as one of these caffeine shampoos, and a good diet; putting into action of these tips will ensure great results.

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