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Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair: Best Products of 2017

purple hair dye for dark hairPurple hair dye is one of the key looks this season, unlike red hair dye, a high quality purple hair dye can look great on naturally dark hair.

Adding a rich violet sheen to dark hair gives depth to your color and versatility when it comes to styling. A purple hue can be sophisticated and smoldering as well as flirty and fun. But it is even more important to avoid any beauty mishaps with this tricky color.

Choose the wrong shade or formulation and there is the danger of looking cartoonish. Most importantly, you still need to maintain the health of your hair in the process of creating your signature look.

This is why we have compiled for you the best purple dyes for dark hair for sale on the market today. They offer brilliant color while injecting nourishing ingredients to give you superior shine and finish.

Top Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair

The purple hair dye for dark hair that you buy should reflect your personality and needs. Pravana Vivids Violet is a great pick for those who want to turn heads and excite, while the two Vidal Sassoon shades offers stunning depth and mystery.

Pravana Vivids Violet

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids (Violet) 3.0ozGet ready for one of the most stunning and vibrant shades this season! Pravana Vivids Violet is a semi-permanent color designed to inject serious depth and shine into your hair color. It is a great light to medium purple shade for those who want to make an impact. Most importantly, it delivers salon-quality results without the use of harsh ingredients found in traditional hair dyes, such as peroxide.

The health of your hair is the ultimate priority with the inclusion of keratin amino acids for strength, nourishment and shine. Silk amino acids are added to this unique blend for deep color penetration. Your hair will be sporting not only a stunning new shade, but also a smooth, silky sheen.

Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Color (Purple)

Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Color (Purple)Vidal Sassoon’s dye delivers brilliant color for those who want a darker, deeper wine shade. This is a permanent purple hair dye for dark hair designed for optimal grey coverage. As such, it has a longer-lasting, heavier shade application that radiates mystery and sophistication.

This product also offers more complex coloring options in your home-coloring kit in a two-step application. Roots and lengths are treated differently to ensure maximum nuance in the tones of your hair.

This is a great buy for all hair types and styles.

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Deep Velvet Violet

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Hair Color 3vr Deep Velvet Violet 1 Kit This medium to dark shade is truly alluring, a smooth and velvety violet that lasts up to eight weeks. This long-lasting, permanent formula comes with a conditioner to deeply moisturize your hair and prevent fading.

It is an excellent choice for those wanting an ideal violet shade that cap provide comprehensive grey coverage if needed.

The most impressive feature of this product is the innovative formula containing technology that prevents minerals in water from fading your hair color – your new violet strands are virtually waterproof when used with a high quality sulfate free shampoo.



It is important to choose the best purple hair dye for dark hair that is perfectly matched to you. For those who prefer it, there are also great organic hair coloring products that can provide results. Now that you are armed with knowledge of the best, don’t wait to give your hair a new start.

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