Thinning and Loss

Receding Hairline Treatment Options

receding hairline treatmentFor those looking for a receding hairline treatment, there are a variety of good options, however, some of them can be expensive and others ineffective. If you are experiencing a thinning or a diminishing hairline from male pattern baldness (Androgenic Alopecia), it’s necessary that you know what the best treatment options are. There are plenty of medications, products and various supplements on the market and some are quite effective, though there are an equal amount of scams and ripoffs.

From DHT and testosterone based male pattern baldness to poor care, there are a huge variety of reasons you could be experiencing thinning. Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of treatments that can help. Beneath you will find some of the most popular treatments, such as DHT Blockers, as well as some lesser known, yet effective, products.



Medications are some of the most effective means of combating  a this common problem. These medications are known as DHT blockers because of their blocking action at 5-Alpha Reductase, an enzyme responsible for testosterone production. DHA, Docosahexaenoic acid, an androgen growth hormone, is converted into, DHT, Dihydrotestosterone, commonly known as testosterone, through this enzyme.

Once your body has a large supply of DHT, testosterone, in certain areas of the body, it drastically inhibits action at follicles and this in turn completely halts hair growth.  The blocking action at 5-Alpha Reductase in turn reduces DHT production and your follicles begin producing once again. Because these medications are becoming much more effective and prevalent we will give a good overview of your different options. While these treatments can be highly effective, other medications can cause hair to fall out, mimicking this common disorder.


Rogaine SprayMinoxidil, commonly referred to under the Rogaine trade name, is one of the most effective options at this time and is available to buy at nearly any popular drug store. This medication is assumed to have indirect block action at the 5-AR through membrane polarization and was the original medication that had dramatic impacts on male and female pattern baldness, a condition once thought to be incurable.

An interesting fact about this medication is that it was accidentally discovered while trying to create a medication for coronary health. This medication is still a very effective solution to most varieties of DHT related losses and is most effective when combined with other supplements.



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propeciaIn many countries Finasteride is commonly referred to as PropeciaThis medication is very new in comparison to Minodoxil and is only available by prescription, but it is still an extremely effective hair loss solution. If you have tried other treatments and have had no results, we suggest obtaining a prescription by a license physician as this product is considered the most effective solutions at the moment.This product was also discovered accidentally. Out of all these medications, Finasteride may be the most effective for treating this common male condition and other forms of DHT related loss for another several years.



Supplements and Vitamins

Recently there have been a huge variety of different related products, including shampoos, topical applications and supplements.

Saw Palmetto

saw palmettoSome of the most recent supplements proven to reduce hair thinning are saw palmetto, as these function very similar to many of the previous medications by blocking activity at 5-Alpha Reductase enzyme and appears to be the most promising herbal remedy for all forms of pattern baldness.

There are a variety of saw palmetto hair loss treatment options because of the huge range of products, shampoos and applications you can buy that contain this herb, and many of them have great reviews.


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natrol biotinWhile biotin isn’t designated to cure male pattern baldness, it can be a great way to improve overall strength and thickness. When combined with any of these other treatments, the results can be very impressive.

We suggest to have either a nutrient dense diet or to take a multivitamin while taking biotin for best results.

There are a variety of different biotin products  to shop around for, however, Natrol is certainly one of the most effective and cheap options at the moment.




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Anyone who is looking to stop or prevent a receding hairline can use these tools together to create an effective defense. For those who don’t feel these may be enough, a high quality caffeine shampoo can be an effective addition. When used together, these products can help dramatically.

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