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The 4 Best Beard Combs of 2017

best beard combsBeards are now the hottest fashion statements for the modern male. They can be dressed down for a rugged manly look or paired with a stylish ensemble for polished urban sophistication. Either way, you’ll want to keep your facial hair under control with the right grooming tools. Beard combs are essential accessories for keeping your facial hair clean, tangle-free and looking its best.

There are many designs and materials, such as plastic, wood and bone, out there on the market to suit all needs and budgets. Combs for beards have the effect of simplifying your grooming routine and helping you prepare for subsequent steps. Most importantly, these combs are especially designed for your beard, with wide teeth and polished edges to protect the delicate skin on your face.

We have gathered you a list of the best comb for beards available for sale this year to help you on the path to the ultimate stylish mane. Get combing!

Beard Comb Reviews

The best beard comb you can buy is made from the best quality materials. Plastic combs give your beard excellent body, but they can also cause also unwanted static. That is why our selection contains solid wood construction and delicate detailing for superior styling.

Lightvue No Static Rosewood Beard Comb

Rosewood Beard Comb No Static Wooden Men's Grooming Comb for Beards and Moustaches (1 Comb)The Lightvue comb is a thing to be admired–the 100% rosewood body and sturdy medium-fine comb teeth certainly impress. It not only looks elegant but also functions as the ultimate tool in grooming beards and mustaches in style. First off, the natural material has inbuilt anti-static properties to tame frizzy hairs, especially with a quality beard wax or mustache wax.

The strong bristles on this comb can combat even the fullest, thickest beards wet or dry as well as stimulate circulation on your scalp and follicles. The curved body is designed to fit perfectly in your hand for easy wielding. The convenient size and lightweight packaging makes it portable for styling anywhere you go. This is a gorgeous vintage tool that you’ll be proud to own.


Cornucopia Fine Tooth Sandalwood Beard Comb

Fine Tooth Sandalwood Pocket Sized No Static Beard Comb, Best Wooden Fine Tooth Sandalwood Comb for Long and Short Beards, No Static Beard Comb, Perfect Mustache CombThis fine-tooth comb is also created with vintage styling and elegance. The sandalwood body and teeth mean a pleasant natural scent and antistatic properties for a more manageable beard. The finer teeth on this comb come out from both sides of the body for more versatile styling without snags. You can manage anything from long to short beards as well as mustaches.

Your beard will have enviable body and thickness without annoying flyaways. The pocketsize design makes this comb a convenient travel companion. With the right care and maintenance, this piece of fine craftsmanship should last a lifetime.


My Best Beard Comb Wide Tooth Bamboo Hair Comb

My Best Beard Comb Wide Tooth Bamboo Hair Comb For The Full Beard and Mustache With Handy Storage Pouch Perfect With Balm, Oil and ConditionersThis is the perfect buy for those gentlemen with a majestic full-length beard or extra thick and challenging strands. The extra wide set of teeth is designed for serious detangling and setting your beard into a variety of styles. The bamboo body is both attractive and lightweight for grooming on-the-go.

The compact design fits perfectly in your hand for easy styling while the curved sides are great for big hands. Rounded, smooth teeth means minimal snagging and maximum comfort. The bamboo material is both durable and ecofriendly while provided bonus antistatic properties to tame that frizz. This beard comb is another winner in our eyes!


Wild Wild Nest Pocket Sized Beard Comb

Beard Comb Pocket-size, Natural Sandalwood, Aromatic Scent - No Static or Snagging - Handmade for Beard and Mustache, 100% Natural Green Fine Tooth, for Long and Short Hair - Premium QualityThe priciest of the lot, this one’s definitely for the discerning gentleman who appreciates premium craftsmanship, quality and performance. The solid sandalwood body has a pleasant natural scent and smooth feel. It also combats static and slides through your beard without snags, tangling or pulling. The extra fine teeth come out from both sides of the body for more versatile styling.

It is a perfect size for fitting in your pocket or styling anywhere you go. Your beard will be left smooth, sculptured and full-bodied, especially when used with a good beard trimmer.



Normal hairbrushes just don’t cut it for the task of facial hair grooming and have the potential to cause damage to your beard. Traditional beard combs not only impress in the looks and styling department but will last for years to come. Once you start taking proper care with your beard grooming routine, you’ll never look back.


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