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The 4 Best Razors for Shaving your Head

best razor for shaving headThere are many reasons men decide to streamline their look by shaving their heads. It can give you a more manly, rugged look as well as a sleek urban sophistication. Shaving your head regularly is also a great way to hide those receding hairlines. Best of all, there are no more styling or hair care hassles. However, head shaving can result in just as many complications as on other areas of your body.

Buying the wrong shaving tool can result in painful nicks and scratches or skin irritation in the delicate area around your head. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best head-shaving available on the market to give you maximum results.

While electric razors offer speed and convenience, manual razors give the closest shave and greatest control, and highly effective with a good safety razor blade. It’s worth taking extra time, care and attention to craft your signature look. That way you’ll be well positioned to take on the world.

Best Razor for Shaving Head

The best razor for shaving the head is the one that best suits your experience, budget and shaving habits. Our favorites all vary in specs and materials but offer excellent performance and value for money.

HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor

HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head RazorThis razor is a standout firstly in its fun and unforgettable design—it is shaped like a mini ATV with blades on the end. Not only is the HeadBlade ATX the most budget-friendly buy of the lot, but it is specifically designed for shaving the head. This makes it the perfect choice for those new to head-shaving, incorporating soft rubber finger grip and a flow-through design you can literally ‘wheel’ over the contours of your head, and is a great way to get a clean shave after using balding clippers if you choose to.

Its multi-blade technology gives you speed, ease and precision while shaving. It also doubles as an all-over body shaver, gentle enough even for the face. An excellent user experience is seen in the natural motion enabled by its unique vehicle-like design. This is a great beginner head razor that offers minimal scratches, nicks and skin irritation.


Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Merkur Long Handled Safety RazorThe Mekur Long Handled Safety Razor is a solid basic safety razor that excels in German-made quality and design. You’ll be impressed by the shiny chrome finish, giving a sturdy quality to the handling. The double edge blade gives an extremely close and precise shave by cutting directly across the surface of your scalp without irritating the skin beneath your hairs. You’ll get smooth, nick- and scratch-free results.

Those new to safety razors will appreciate the long 3.75-inch handle and non-slip surface that give extra support and balance. It would also suit very large hands. You’ll have superior comfort, handling and movement-control to reach tricky angles and curves. The durable and premium build of this shaving tool impresses even more when looking at the affordable price tag. This razor also has a fantastic reputation as a conventional razor for your face, and is one of the best safety razors for a low cost.


Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 96R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 SHARK bladesThis is another quality head shaving razor from Parker that offers superior German craftsmanship, ergonomics and shaving results, and is a great safety razor for beginners. Its premium quality can be found in the brass frame and nickel-plated head—this is a solid buy guaranteed to last through the years. Its long handle comes in at 3.25 inches with textured grip for comfortable handling and movement.

The Parker 96R also delivers excellent performance with an extremely close shave and little irritation to sensitive or acne-prone skin. The elegant butterfly mechanism, featuring a one-piece design with rotating doors, makes for convenient blade replacement. This is a great all-round choice for both head and face shaving.


Merkur HD 34C, Chrome Plated

Merkur HD 34C, Chrome PlatedThe Merkur HD 34C is another great all-rounder for grooming the head, face and body. It gives excellent results—a close and even shave without skin irritation, nicks or scratches. Its long handle makes for comfortable handling but it is the extra thickness that sets it apart from competitors.

You achieve greater sturdiness and maneuverability around the tricky contours of your head. The handle thickness also means that the weight of this solid razor does the leading, making it especially suited for beginners or those with larger hands. The German manufacturing offers superior quality, boasting chrome plating and durable construction.


It is worth taking the time and consideration to choose the top-performing tool for crafting your signature look. The best razor for shaving your head should suit your experience, hair texture and budget. In order to keep these blades sharp, it’s a good idea to run over your head with a stubble trimmer first, and then use any of these high quality blades.With this selection, you’re sure to be on the right track to sleek, cool style in no time.



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