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The 5 Best Shaving Brushes of 2017

best shaving brushMore men than ever are making the switch to traditional grooming methods for a more comfortable, smooth and refined shave. In particular, the revival of wet shaving has sparked interest in well-crafted tools such as straight razors, safety razors and handcrafted blades. Buying a top quality shaving brush is essential to rounding off the old-fashioned shaving experience. It will transform shaving from a chore to an enjoyable daily ritual. Your shaving foam will gather into a soft lather and apply evenly and effortlessly.

Most importantly, the right shaving brush will be a worthy investment that lasts years and years. But with so many out there on the market with a wide range of materials, specs and prices, which one should you buy? We have done the hard work to bring you the top five shaving brushes for sale this year. They’ll turn your bathroom into a shaving parlor in no time.

The Best Shaving Brushes

Carefully consider your skin needs and budget when shopping for the best shaving brush. Brushes packed with badger hair bristles are extremely soft and durable. They give a luxurious feel to every shaving routine.

These tools also come with classy vintage styling to transform the look and feel of your bathroom. The synthetic brushes we have chosen are more affordable as well as the preferred option for those sensitive to animal fibers.

Ambroley Best Badger

AMBROLEY BEST BADGER MEN'S SHAVING BRUSH - Hand Crafted To Provide The Most Luxurious Shave Lather of Your Life. Our Brushes Outperform Pure Badger, Boar Hair and Synthetics And Our Custom Wood Handle is Second to NoneThe Ambroley beard badger hair shaving brush is a quality handcrafted tool that combines elegance with ultimate functionality. Its impressive vintage styling includes a slip-proof classic wood handle and soft pure badger hairs.

This brush creates an exceptionally rich and full lather for your cream or soap. You’ll never return to manual hand lathering again after experiencing the performance of the Ambroley shaving brush, especially when used with a high quality straight razor or safety razor. Best of all, this classy brush comes at an affordable price. You will get superb feel and performance, good looks, and incredible value for money.


Latherwhip’s Best 100% Badger Hair Professional Shaving Brush

Latherwhip's Best 100% Badger Hair Professional Shaving Brush with Gift BoxAnother fantastic badger beard shave brush, the Latherwhip is crafted with looks and performance in mind. The strong and dense bristles are designed to be long lasting with minimal shedding throughout the years. They also work up a smooth, soft lather while retaining heat for a more opulent feel to your shaving experience.

The fullness of the bristles means that even the thickest soaps and creams can be used. There will be no need to revert to hand lathering again. The rubbing action of these soft brushes also helps exfoliate your skin before shaving. This is great for those prone to ingrown hairs, bumps and other skin complications.


The House of Saxon, Real Badger Hair Shaving Brush

The House of Saxon 100% Real Badger Shaving Brush for Best Shave!The luxurious look and feel of this brush will make shaving the highlight of your grooming routine. The extremely soft and tightly packed quality bristles will create a fine lather for smoother, more even results.

The pure badger hair means that the brush will hold water all throughout your shave and wash out thoroughly for minimal upkeep. You’ll feel the softness of the bristles from the very first shave.



Parker Safety Razor SYNTHETIC Bristle Shaving Brush

Parker Safety Razor SYNTHETIC Bristle Shaving Brush with Blue Wood Handle & Free StandThe Parker safety razor beard synthetic shaving brush certainly impresses in the style stakes with an elegant blue wood handle and vintage design. The bristles are extremely soft and work up a fine lather that rivals brushes with natural hairs.

This brush is also a good alternative for those sensitive or allergic to animal hair fibers. It even comes with a bonus lucite shaving brush stand for easier drying and storage. You definitely get a premium feel with this packaging.



 GBS Super Synthetic Shaving Brush

GBS Super Synthetic Black Handle Shaving Brush Comes with Free Black StandThe GBS brush is another synthetic shaving brush with a premium look and feel. It comes with a stylish black handle and soft, tightly packed bristles to give you a superior shaving experience. Its highly affordable price makes it suitable for wet shaving beginners and experts alike.

It even comes with a free stand for easy storage and drying. This would make a great gift for those sensitive to animal hairs or wanting to live a vegan lifestyle.



The best shaving brush for you should combine fine craftsmanship, suitable materials and affordability. Once you experience the sumptuous experience of wet shaving with a brush, you’ll never look back.



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