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The 6 Best Nose Hair Trimmers of 2017

Regardless of how long it takes, eventually nose and ear hairs are going to start popping up, despite our misgivings. Although they are unpleasant and potentially unattractive, with a high quality nose hair trimmer, this problem can be fixed in a matter of minutes.

Because of the vast variety of options available, it can be difficult to find the best nose hair trimmer — a trimmer which will remain effective, and in great condition, for years to come. To help you purchase the right trimmer, we’ve created a simple guide to help you understand what to look for as well as provide nose hair trimmer reviews of only the best rated products, which we have tested.


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Finding the Perfect Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Each trimmer has a different set of features, designs and functions which make it either effective or ineffective for specific purposes; of the most important features are:

Motor & Blade

One of the most important parts of a trimmer is the motor & the blades. The vast majority of all ear and nose hair trimmers have rotary blades, which are highly effective for this purpose. However, if you are looking for trimmer for dense hair, such as a beard, rotary trimmers may be found lacking.


Because the vast majority of nose and ear trimmers are battery operated, the battery life of the model can make a big impact in cost effectiveness over time. You also want to make sure the trimmer doesn’t drain the battery when not in use, as is common in some of the cheaper models of hair trimmer.


Each model tends to come with different sets of features. For instance, most are cordless and battery operated, but some are manual or plug-in. Additionally, some have attachments which can help dramatically with ear hair trimming. If you’re a frequent traveler, purchasing a trimmer with a case can be very helpful.


Likely one of the most important factors of all is the reliability of the trimmer. To ensure reliability, only buy high quality brands and products, as cheaper models can wind up costing more money in battery and replacement costs than the more expensive models.


The 6 Best Nose Hair Trimmers of 2015

The below products are some of the best nose hair trimmers available. This assessment is based on construction, reviews, features and testing. Each of these products excel in different ways, depending upon what factors are most important, but all are certainly viable and effective for use.


Philips Norelco NT9130/40 NoseTrimmer 5100

Of all the best rated nose trimmers we have reviewed, the Philips Norelco NT9130 is among the most popular. This model is a nose and ear hair trimmer, but that isn’t all. This product comes with attachments making it a for touch ups on eyebrows, sideburns, necks and beards — a highly flexible groomer.

Pros:Philips Norelco NT9130/40 NoseTrimmer 5100

  • Sharp and durable chromium steel blade
  • Capabilities: nose, ears, eyebrows, sideburns, neck, beards
  • Carrying case included
  • Waterproof (wet & dry capabilities)
  • Quiet compared to similar models


  • No vacuum for nose & ear hair


Overall, the Philips Norelco NT9130, while not being the best in all categories, is one of the best multi-functional groomers available, especially considering the low cost and flexibility.


Remington NE3560 Men’s Touch Up Groomer

The Remington NE3560 is one of the most reliable and effective groomers available. Although the cost is higher than most, it is made up for by its ability to provide a reliably close shave, high durability and long lifespan. This product additionally comes with a variety of highly functional attachments for ears and eyebrows.

Pros:Remington NE3560 Mens Battery Operated Travel Touch Up Groomer, Black


  • Ear & eyebrow attachments included
  • Wet and dry use & easily water washable
  • Long-lasting and reliable
  • Sharp steel blade & painless trim
  • Very close shave
  • Great for thick nose & ear hair


  • Higher cost than most others


The Remington NE3560 truly excels in areas where many other trimmers fail. Of all razors listed, it is the best for dealing with thick and coarse hair while still providing a very close trim/shave.


Creation Springs Precision Wet/Dry Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Although Creation Springs isn’t a well-known brand, this nose trimmer is a true gem. This is one of the most heavy-duty shavers that we have yet reviewed for the price. The long battery life combined with the product’s strong design and high quality sharp blades, makes it a very reliable choice.

Pros:Creation Springs Precision Wet/Dry Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer Plus Salon Grade Micro-Groomer - Stainless Steel Blades

  • Wet/dry usage
  • Long battery life
  • Multi-functional attachments
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Quiet
  • Well built, sharp blades
  • Built in LED
  • High quality for price


  • Not from a well-known brand

Although Creation Springs isn’t the most well-known brand for hair shavers and trimmers, this model is certainly a step above many other brand name options of a similar price.


Panasonic ER430K Nose, Ear & Facial Hair Trimmer

The Panasonic ER430K is one of the most purchased hair trimmers on Amazon, and is a quite reliable model with a variety of useful features such as a built in vacuum and safety tip, which make shaving safer and easier to use.

Pros:panasonic er430k


  • Built-in vacuum
  • Wet/dry usage, washable
  • Low price
  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Safe & easy to use


  • Lower battery life
  • Safety tip interferes with a close shave


Overall, the ER430K is a fairly good shaver. The original model of this product was one of the best, but after a shaving incident, they minimized their liability by added an angled safety tip, making it harder to get a close shave. For those who don’t want to spend much, and don’t need an exceptionally close shave, this is a good choice.


Groom Mate Silver Wing XL Trimmer

Although all of the previous shavers we have reviewed have been electric, this manual nose hair trimmer stands with the best of them. Although it takes some practice to be able to use it properly, this model certainly does have its benefits, especially for travel or car usage.

Pros:Groom Mate Silver Wing XL Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer + Lifetime Warranty

  • Highly reliable
  • Quality construction
  • No batteries required
  • Sharp blade
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Noiseless


  • Requires practice to use effectively
  • Requires manual effort


Although I have a variety of different electric trimmers, I still wouldn’t do without this model. Although I’m not currently using it as my primary options, it is great to have as a backup in the car or for trips where battery life or a bulky design won’t do.


T.T. Professional Heavy Duty Steel Trimmer with LED light

Although, similar to the creation springs trimmer, this model isn’t from a well known brand, we couldn’t have left it out. This model has a variety of features, including an LED light and very sharp blades which make it a great choice. Currently, this product has been reviewed over 2,000 times since its original listing, and almost everyone who has purchased it is highly satisfied, and for those who want the full grooming, it is great in combination with a good sideburn trimmer.

Pros:Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer with LED light. Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee

  • Lifetime warranty
  • LED light
  • Sharp (and painless) stainless steel blades
  • Great for the low cost
  • Very close shave


  • Not shock resistant (avoid accidentally dropping)


As long as this model is taken care of properly, it will last you a very long time and provide an exceptionally close shave. We highly recommend this product.


Each of these nose and ear hair trimmers are an exceptional choice when considering how many low quality products of this kind there are on the market. Any one of these can be best nose hair trimmer, as only you know what features and functionality are important for your individual needs. With a good nose trimmer, a high quality hair clipper is all you’ll need to keep you nicely groomed for years.

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