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Top 3 Olive Oil Hair Treatments of the Year

olive oil hair treatmentEssential oils provide a natural, gentle and extremely effective approach to hair care. Olive oil is one of the most nutrient-rich essential oils with the potential to deeply moisturize and replenish your hair.

Additionally, it contains a host of antioxidants to rid your hair and scalp of harmful free radicals, the culprit of much premature aging and hair loss. Even better, the emollients in olive oil inject intense moisture deep down in the hair shaft, resulting in shine, smoothness and increased elasticity. That is why some of the best organic hair treatments have turned to olive oil to add richness to their formulations.

We have unearthed for you the top three olive oil treatments for sale this year. Indulge your hair in a soothing, natural and replenishing alternative. If you are looking for a lighter oil, castor oil may be a great choice as well, and hot oil treatments for natural hair can be highly effective as well, however, olive oil has many benefits which make it worthwhile for many hair types.

Best Olive Oil Hair Treatment Choices

We have a useful range of olive oil for hair to suit your styling needs. Novex is a lighter product for every day use, while Just Naturals offers a richer blend for emergency treatments. ORS’s olive oil is a multi-purpose product that doubles as a heat protector.

Novex Olive Oil Treatment

Embelleze Novex Olive Oil Hair Care Treatment Cream - 35.3 Oz | Embelleze Novex Creme de Tratamento Capilar com Azeite de Oliva - 1KgThis is a great deep-moisturizing olive oil cream for all hair types. It contains a highly concentrated blend of premium olive oil and Vitamin E for a luxurious treatment experience. Blood circulation on your scalp is boosted for better future hair growth.

Damaged hair is repaired and nourished by the emollients in olive oil coating your hair shaft. Even the curliest or most natural hair textures will be left soft and manageable for easier styling.

This is a great natural alternative to harsh chemicals and hair care agents. It is also specifically designed to provide ongoing shine and protection from damage all day long.

Just Naturals Organic 5 Olive Oils Hair Treatment

5 Olive Oils Hair TreatmentFor a truly luxurious spa treatment for your hair, try Just Naturals’ olive oil for hair treatment. It contains a seriously impressive blend of five Mediterranean varieties of olive oils, as well as sweet orange, patchouli, ylang ylang flower and atlas cedarwood oil.

Your hair is guaranteed a deep-level moisture treatment to repair, nourish and seal in the natural oil balance of your strands. Prevention against further heat damage and breakage is given by the addition of natural extracts (dandelion leaf, Echinacea purpurea root, kelp and bilberry extract), as well as powerful Vitamin E.

This product boosts your hair’s strength, elasticity and shine without weighing it down. Even better, your scalp is moisturized and rebalanced. This product will also make a fantastic hot olive oil hair treatment.

 ORS Olive Oil Hair Lotion

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion, 23 OunceThis hair lotion is the perfect for those looking for a natural form of heat protection in their daily styling routine. Its formula includes a quality blend of natural oils (olive, coconut, safflower, and caster) to deliver serious moisture to your hair, and combines great with protein treatments for natural hair.

It restores split ends and dry hair to optimal health through restoring moisture. Best of all, it is designed to be applied to hair before heat styling. Your strands will be protected from further damage during the straightening or blow-drying process.

This is a great buy—a natural hair treatment that doubles as a styling aid!



With hair increasingly exposed to damage from styling and harsh environmental conditions, it is now more important than ever to create a regular treatment regime. Choose the best olive oil treatment from our list to get you on your way.

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