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What’s the Best Stubble Trimmer of 2017?

best stubble trimmerFor a rugged, sexier look, ditch the clean shave for the masculine appeal of well-sculptured stubble. This look requires lower maintenance and is gentler on sensitive skin than regular close shaving. Best of all, stubble is extremely versatile—you can dress it up or down with the right styling and clothing choice. But there is a fine line between scruffy werewolf and clean, cool urban sophistication. It all comes down to the quality of your tools.

You should have the best materials at your disposable for a smooth and even shaving experience. Not only will you experience better control and optimal results, you won’t have to face any nasty accidents or skin irritation that may come from the cheaper disposable razors. We have gathered for you a list of the best stubble trimmers for sale this year. The superior performance and craftsmanship of the right stubble trimmer will ensure that you come out on top.

The Best Beard Trimmer for Stubble

The best stubble trimmer should come with solid specs, build quality and user experience. Our favorite buys cater for a wide range of budgets but never skimp on what matters in creating your ultimate hair grooming style. Taking the time and care to find the right stubble trimmer for you will pay off in the long-run… and right after you get out the door.

Conair for Men® i-Stubble®

Conair for Men® i-Stubble® The Ultimate in Stubble ControlThe Conair stubble trimmer is our mid-range price pick of the season for an exact and comfortable shaving experience. Its looks impress with clean, industrial lines and colors as well as a modern LCD display. The advanced blade technology includes electro-chemically formed blades for increased sharpness and accuracy, and, on this list, one of the best electric razors for sensitive skin.

The electronic length control comes with 15 different length settings—you’re guaranteed versatility and incredible precision with adjustable lengths from as little as 0.4mm to maximum 5mm. Its floating contouring head gives you greater control and ease of movement for those hard to reach spots. This is a great all-rounder in terms of price and function, as well as the preferred choice for those who desire extremely close stubble.


Philips Norelco QT4022 Stubble Trimmer Pro

Philips Norelco QT4022 Stubble Trimmer ProAt the top price-end of our selection is the Phillips Norelco QT4022, which combines superior functionality with a stylish design. This is a great buy for those who like to mix up their style range, from close-forming stubble one day to a short beard the next. It has the greatest range of length settings yet, from 1mm to 10mm with extra zoom lock technology.

Optimal convenience comes from carbon blades that stay sharp, calling for little maintenance and no oiling. It also has a single-piece, fully washable design without the need to disassemble parts. A comfortable user experience is given by the flexing guide comb, which ensure a precise and even trim and avoids direct skin contact. Additional, extra gentle blades are designed to prevent scratching.

You get comfort, precision and convenience as well as flexible styling options.


Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3500

philips norelco Beardtrimmer 3500The Philips Norelco holds a firm place as a best trimmer for stubble, but is also a very impressive  and versatile beard trimmer. It is not only the most affordable among our favorites, but also packs a punch in styling options, features and usability. Don’t let the name fool you—it offers an impressive 20 length settings, from as little as 0.05mm to 10mm, giving it the biggest range yet from the shortest stubble to a short beard.

The self-sharpening titanium blades offer amazing quality and performance with little need for maintenance. It is a great option even for sensitive skin, its trimmer featuring rounded tips and a comb to protect against scratching and irritation. The elegant cordless, single-piece design with no additional attachments makes for greater ease and ergonomic handling.

Best of all, the secured length settings and optimal precision give you amazing results every time. This is a fantastic facial hair trimmer for those who want greater versatility in length options and features in a cost-effective machine.


Finding the right tool is extremely important to helping you create that elusive perfect stubble. Our pick of the best stubble trimmers cater to a wide range of budget and styling needs. They offer simplicity of form and function coupled with the most cutting-edge technology. You’ll get a precise, comfortable and close (or not-so-close) shave every time, and combined with an another grooming product, such as a nose hair trimmer, you’ll have all your needs covered.

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