Thinning and Loss

Why is My Hair Falling Out? A Quick Reference

Your hair falls out all the time, it’s a very normal part of life — in fact, the average person loses around 74 strands each day. The real question to be asking is, “Is it healthy?”. There is a big difference between healthy and unhealthy loss, the primary way you can tell if your loss is unhealthy is if you are losing more than your body can produce. If you are experiencing thinning it’s a sign that something is amiss , which can lead to even more shedding and slower growth.

Why Is My Hair Falling OutPrimary Causes

There are a massive variety of different factors that can contribute to this problem, because of this it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what needs to be changed in order to begin growing again in a healthy and lasting way. If anyone asks me, “Why is my hair falling out?” The first thing I ask in return is whether they have started any new medications.


For most who experience sudden and seemingly random losses, a new medication is often the culprit. There are a huge variety of these that can directly or indirectly cause this problem. Some of these medications include, Accutane, Panwarfin, Sofarin, Coumadin, Lopid and there are more. So before you go out and purchase a high price product to treat this condition, ensure it’s not the result of an unnecessary prescription.


If your loss has been a more gradual process and your family or relatives suffer from similar problems, it’s likely that it may be a result of genetics. While this is the most difficult form to treat, it still can be treated with medications or transplantation.


Another common cause is illness, this can range from increased hormone or testosterone levels to autoimmune diseases such as Alopecia and Lupus. Even anemia and thyroid problems have been shown to cause thinning and loss.

Stress is another large factor; studies have shown that those who have high levels of stress have drastically reduced growth rates so anything you can do to help assuage stress, such as exercise or meditation can be very effective.

Poor Care

This factor is commonly overlooked, however, mistreatment can have huge effects on both strength and growth rates. Daily heat treatment such as straightening or curling can certainly cause damage and encourage loss. Dying and bleaching can also be very damaging, so be certain not to dye or bleach frequently as this can also contribute to the problem quite a bit.

How you treat your hair will play a huge role in how long your hair lasts. For those who still want to style or straighten your hair check out these articles on the best blow dryers and flat irons for natural hair.


Treatment Options

Depending on what is causing the problem, the treatment needed can differ drastically. For those whom a medication is the culprit, the best thing to do is to stop taking it, only if recommended by a licensed physician, or to find an equally effective alternative that doesn’t interfere with growth.

The most difficult treatment is for those with a genetic condition. Genetic related loss can be treated but is often quite expensive, requiring either medication or transplantation. If these aren’t affordable, the best advice is to take good care of yourself through using high quality, shampoos and conditioners that don’t strip or damage.

No matter what the cause of the problem, ensure that you are following some key advice to improve strength and growth rate. This includes

  • Shampoo and Conditioner – Always use a shampoo or conditioner that doesn’t strip or damage, there are even special hair growth shampoo products that have proven to give great results.
  • General Care – Keep dying, bleaching, straightening and curling to a minimum as these can cause damage and remove necessary nutrients that maintain strength and growth.
  • Diets and Supplements  – Ensure that you have a good diet that includes all the necessary vitamins for hair growth. This includes Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Iron along with good fats and proteins. Without these, growth won’t be nearly as fast.

If you follow all of this advice, you will certainly see improvements. We suggest incorporating all of the above tips along with a specific treatment for the variety of loss you are suffering from in order to ensure the best results.


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